Miracle Mutts is Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue's community outreach & education endeavor, through which dogs earn Therapy Dog certification through participating in innovative educational programs servicing children, teens, and adults.



Ferris is a 3 year old jack russell terrier mix who is nothing short of an inspiration. He was born with a congenital disease called spina bifida which has caused him to be paralyzed so he is in a wheelchair, but based off of his happy spirit you’d never know he had anything wrong with him. He loves people of all ages and his happy go lucky personality is contagious to all.




Buddha is an 8 year old pit bull who has done therapy work all down in Bakersfield where he was originally certified. He worked with Marley’s Mutts Miracle Mutt program and his favorite days were the Barks and Books where he would snuggle up with the kids and they would read to him.


Cagney is a 10 year old black lab who was a guide dog for someone for 8 years. She retired in 2016 and flew from Kansas City Missouri to live out the rest of her years with Angela in California. Kids are her favorite, especially getting belly rubs and licking their faces. She is very sweet and gentle senior.

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